Eco-friendly Easy & Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths - 2 Pack Purple

Eco-friendly Easy & Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths - 2 Pack Purple

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Our Facial Beauty Cloth is the eco-friendly, reusable way to clean your face more effectively but without harsh chemicals.

Not your typical face cloth; it's the ultimate cloth to remove eye make-up, excess oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells! All-in-one! Travel friendly - dries fast, it's light, and the perfect size.

The skin n.v. Facial Beauty Cloth is a special type of microfiber, not just any microfiber; it is a high quality weave customized for specific use on your face and around the eyes, easily handles your washing machine and dryer, and has been shown to not leave eye make-up stains when washed accordingly.

Wet cloth with warm water, slightly ring out. Lightly wipe eye make-up off.
Use reverse side to cleanse the rest of your face.

Optional: For waterproof or stubborn mascara, just add a dab of our Jojoba with Vitamin E to your finger tips, with eyes closed wipe horizontally along lashes, then lightly wipe away with wet cloth.

Exfoliate: When the cloth is used in a light circular motion, the cloth also exfoliates dry skin spots. Be gentle, never use a rough scrubbing motion. Exfoliate face only, never the eye area. This cloth is powerful!

Washing instructions: So that the cloth doesn't stain, hand wash cloth after use with hand soap rubbing cloth against itself, rinse, hang to dry. Reuse cloth 2-3 times before throwing in the wash. Some hand soaps don't cleanse well, we find bar soaps best!

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2 cloths per package | 25x25cm | 10" x 10"