Do you really know what causes sun spots? Are you being sun safe?

There are many causes to sun spots and to keep your skin healthy and spot free it's important to know what goes in you and on you that contributes.

The power of the sun and ingredient triggers can lead to patchy, aging skin and skin damage. Now we aren't talking about sunburns, that is a different topic! Sun reactive ingredients are called phototoxic or photosensitive and they trigger a reaction in the skin days after the exposure!

Some topical ingredients to be aware of include: Many natural ingredients that you would normally consider good for you and harmless such as natural fragrances, essential oils of bergamot, orange, grapefruit, angelica root, lemon, lime, even some ingredients found in sunscreens such as oxybenzone and retinols, which effect some people. Note that steam distillation rather than the oil pressing methods tend to eliminate most of the phototoxic properties.

Some oral products to be aware of include: Some birth control pills, retinols, antibiotics, anti-depressants... for more details on common triggers, check out Medscape

Next time, pay attention to the fine print of your medications and make sure to read the ingredient labels of all your leave-on skin care products. We always manufacture our products to be sun safe! All of our products, including our daily Restorative Facial Serums are safe for sun exposure, but always make sure to use a sunblock for sun burn protection.


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