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Do you really know what causes sun spots? Are you being sun safe?

There are many causes to sun spots and to keep your skin healthy and spot free it's important to know what goes in you and on you that contributes. The power of the sun and ingredient triggers can lead to patchy, aging skin and skin damage. Now we aren't talking about sunburns, that is a different topic! Sun reactive ingredients are called phototoxic or photosensitive and they trigger a reaction in the skin days after the exposure! Some topical ingredients to be aware of include: Many natural ingredients that you would normally consider good for you and harmless such as natural fragrances, essential oils of bergamot, orange, grapefruit, angelica root, lemon, lime, even some ingredients found in sunscreens such as...

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An anti-aging boost

Did you know that eating cooked tomatoes can actually help with boosting your natural protection against sunburns and the aging effects of the sun?It's all because of the active carotenoid pigment and antioxidant called "Lycopene", which is what makes tomatoes red. They must be cooked and study groups found that sun protection was increased by up to 33%. Cooked tomatoes won't make you invisible to the effects of sun so be sure to still use topical protection but an added boost sure won't hurt!

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Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

If you haven't heard of this company yet, you need to check them out! They've got your back and they're doing all the heavy legwork for you, testing products and putting their foot down against harmful ingredients in cosmetics. Just recently, they've reported finding hormone disrupting, carcinogenic ingredients, and neuro/developmental toxicants in face paint and makeup marketed to children. Check out the study here

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