Product questions

Who is the Restorative Facial Serum for?

  • Our Restorative Facial Serum is for anyone looking for truly natural and effective skin care products. Many companies will advertise "natural" or "organic" but most of them are not. In Canada and the US there are very little regulations controlling this so anyone could say they are natural. The trick used in the industry is to list one or two natural and beneficial ingredients and then fill the rest of the product with cheap synthetics, fillers and potencially harmful ingredients that may alter hormone levels, cause allergies, and may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions. We believe it is time people knew what is being put in their skin care products.

What can The Restorative Facial Serum do for me?

  • We have found that our Restorative Facial Serum does something different for each person. We receive many stories of how this product has helped their skin. In a nut shell, our most common comments have been that this product "helps control the skin's natural oil balance", "skin feels silky smooth", "normally I cannot wear anything with fragrance but your organic scents don't bother me at all", and "it helps soothe sun burnt skin". Our customers have even come back to us saying they no longer feel the need to wear foundation as our products has evened out their skin and stopped their skin irritation (often caused by many products out on the market). Try out our products and see what they can do for you!

Do I need to apply a moisturizer after I apply your facial serum?

  • Our Restorative Facial Serum is formulated as a convenient 3 in 1 product with the nutritional and skin benefits of a serum, an undereye vitamin treatment and the moisturizering qualities of a lotion or cream; therefore, we do not recommend using a moisturizer on top as it is not needed.

I have sensitive skin, are your products hypoallergenic?

  • Yes, all of our products are formulated to be hypoallergenic as to avoid any negative skin reactions. We've had a lot of customers try skin care products from other brands that said hypoallergenic but were in fact not. Ours however, is made for the MOST sensitive-skinned individuals and was one of the main reason's behind why the brand was started!

When people start commenting on my skin and I tell them I am using your serum they keep wanting to touch my face to feel how soft it is but I heard it isn't good to keep touching my face because of bacterial reasons, is this true?

  • Yes, this is true. The skin on the face is senstive and touching your face repeatedly with unclean hands can introduce bacteria, so if you are going to touch your face we suggest washing your hands first.

I am worried about the ingredients used in many skin products such as parabens, phthalates, and SLS. Do your products contain these or other potentially harmful ingredients?

  • We do not use any potentially harmful ingredients as we believe why take the risk. You will find that all our products are natural, synthetic-free, use certified organic ingredients when available and we do not test on animals!


Where can I find your products?

  • We mostly focus on direct to consumer sales off of our website as we believe in GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  • You can also find our products sold at the perfect gift store called Alberta's Own in beautiful Canmore, Alberta, as well as some local gift shops and spas across Canada and the USA.

We found you at Wholefoods and other health food stores...

  • Yes, we used to sell at the major health food stores but unfortunately it just wasn't cost effective to be able to provide high quality ingredients and meet the discount and in-person demo demands of having a distributor and mass wholesale program while covering the high rate of stolen shelf goods that we experienced in these stores.
  • We do still offer wholesale to retailers that support a fair relationship and we continue to stand behind formulating with high quality ingredients versus cheapening our products to meet mass production pricing demands.